RENEWABLE TEXTILES is currently recovering 1,500,000 LBS (750 tons) per month of Post-industrial & Post-consumer Textile Industry waste.

Personalized Approach

For RENEWABLE TEXTILES it is highly important the customer's satisfaction, this is why the relationship with the client is personalized in order to fulfill the customer's business needs.   

fabric clips 100% cotton composition
Excellence and Professionalism 

Based on the fulfillment of the client's needs, RENEWABLE TEXTILES, works on your Orders, always making sure that the quality control process verifies that the product is top-notch. The acquired experience over the years supports this professionalism.  

Green Vision 

Being able to help the earth by contributing to its preservation is one of the drives that lead to RENEWABLE TEXTILES existence. That footprint RENEWABLE TEXTILES wants to take further for the generations to come.